LeydenJar Technologies: silicon anodes for Li-Ion batteries

LJT’s silicon based anode material can be 5 times smaller and 10 times lighter

LeydenJar Technologies B.V. is a spin out venture from Dutch technology institute ECN, developing a 100% Silicon anode that enables Li-ion batteries with high energy density for electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and stationary energy storage.

The technology is based on a proprietary PECVD proces that is unique in its direct depositioning of silicon on copper foil, rather than existing capital intensive coating processes. PECVD is a mature manufacturing process currently applied in the semiconductor and PV industries.

  • LJT’s silicon based anode material is 5 times smaller and 10 times lighter. We expect that this could result in smaller, and lighter batteries: batteries that could store (and deliver) 50% more energy than current Li-ion batteries of similar size and weight.
  • Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (“ECN”) has developed the technology and production process.
  • LJT commercializes the technology with ECN through an exclusive, worldwide license.
  • Silicon based anodes can have a 10 x higher capacity (3.800 mAh/g) than graphite based anodes (380 mAh/g), but today have a short battery cell life due to crumbling of the material.
  • In a joint effort with top Dutch research institutes and universities, LJT’s silicon deposited foil is being optimized and tested for use as anode material

Please visit the website for more information: http://www.leyden-jar.com

Unique investment opportunity in the next gen Li-Ion battery market

  • Seed funding rounds to mature product and develop more robust prototypes
  • € 2M capital required for product development and to expand pilot production facility

We have funded the project to bring this technology to market.
Contact us if you are a possible customer, or want to join the next funding round. Read the details here…