Lower cost H2 production and CO2 capture in CCS applications

Sorption Enhanced Water-Gas Shift (SEWGS) is a promising option for pre-combustion CO2 capture using dry absorbent and water gas shift catalyst.

In process intensification, several unit operations are combined aiming at specific cost reduction. A typical example is combining an equilibrium limited conversion reaction with the downstream separation into a single unit operation. Cost reductions can thus result from an increase in production rate, a decrease in total energy consumption and/or a decrease of recycle streams.

SEWGS is a platform technology, typical applications being H2 production and CO2 capture in CCS applications.

The SEWGS process has been demonstrated extensively at lab-scale, for which ECN operates a two development units having 2 kg and 50 kg shaped sorbent, respectively.  A pilot at location is underway. In the Stepwise project, a pilot located next to the SSAB steel plant in Luleå, Sweden, will be build. The capture rate of the pilot is 14t CO2/day.

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