Low-cost IoT data-connectivity using a constellation of mini-satellites

Remote Sensor Data Connectivity, through a new satellite network made for the IoT

Hiber (formerly known as Magnitude Space) is a Dutch start-up offering data-connectivity through a new, one-way, store and forward satellite communication infrastructure between sensors and corporations, governments, local communities, local entrepreneurs and the general public.

  • 10x cheaper than satellite competitor’s expected future prices
  • Key satellite benefits (global coverage, network and grid independent) at GSM operators cost
  • Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN) consisting of 24 small satellites with global coverage
  • First launch in 2018
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise available to understand and execute high-tech project
  • Proven technology suppliers, with support from the Netherlands Space Organisation and the European Space Agency

Please visit the website for more information: http://hiber.global

Unique investment opportunity in the IoT connectivity market

  • € 5M capital required for pilot with demonstrator satellite and frequency license application
  • € 30M capital required for constellation, including commercial rollout
  • Expected to be EBITDA positive in three years

We have funded the project to bring this technology to market.
Contact us if you are a possible customer, or want to join the next funding round. Read the details here…