A new energy system reducing CO2 emissions on a scale that matters

Trigen Energy Project Development BV combines existing technologies to produce electricity, clean water, nitrogen and EOR-quality CO2 for injection 

Around 80% of the global energy mix remains based on fossil fuels for many years. Relevant clean energy technology addresses this. Today

Only those clean energy technologies that result in cleaner fossil energy production will move the dial.

TriGen’s projects produce electricity, pure water and CO2 for re-injection in oil and gas wells from “dirty” hydrocarbon sources (i.e. with high CO2 content), based on oxy-fuel combustion technology. TriGen’s projects are based on mature technology and can be economically viable at an oil price of $40.

  • Electricity will be emission free
  • Potable water is produced in the process
  • CO2 and N2 are produced at a value attractive for reinjection for EOR and EGR purposes
  • The powerplant can act as a peak-shaver because injection is tolerant to intermittent operation

A project could involve a 500MW powerplant, incremental production of 10 MMboe, potable water production of yy m3/yr while reducing CO2 emissions with some 4 mln tonnes per year, the acquisition of a production license. These projects require investments between $10mln and $1bn, with a typical RoI of 20%. All projects require tailored design, to be provided by Trigen EPD.

Please visit the website for more information: http://trigenenergypd.com/

Unique investment opportunity to create the clean generation of oil & gas companies

  • € 3 mln seed funding rounds to develop investment projects on a multi million dollar scale
  • $50mln to $1bn projects to create clean generation primary energy production plants

We have funded the project to bring this technology to market.
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